Country Wedding Decorations

Throwing a country wedding can be a refreshing change from more formal weddings. The look and feel of a country wedding is one that puts you in touch with nature. Many country wedding decorations are easy to make at home with only a few materials needed.

Decorating for a wedding reception can initially feel like an overwhelming experience but once you relax and think about it, it isn’t so hard after all. It can actually be one of the best parts of planning any wedding.

Outdoor Country Wedding Decorations

When decorating for an outdoor wedding, it is best to keep it simple and use materials found in nature. You don’t want to use too many balloons because they will not look natural with the rest of the decor. The key is to add pieces of lace and ribbon to the decor for a relaxed and delicate look. Both the lace and the ribbon will blow nicely in the breeze.

Many outdoor weddings will have a tent set up for the reception. If this is the case for your wedding, be sure to use very simple decorations such as baskets of pretty flowers around the area where guests will enter the tent. The same types of flowers used in the baskets need to be put on each table as well, but only use smaller versions of what you put in the baskets.

Proper Lighting For A Country Wedding Outdoors

The entrance to the tent should be surrounded by small lights that are white in color. These lights should also be used on the ceiling located inside the tent. This will make your wedding look very romantic.

It is important to use soft lights for your wedding, as opposed to bright lights. Bright lights are better suited for a different occasion than a country wedding.

Decorating An Indoor Wedding In A Country Theme

For an indoor country wedding, most brides want to use decorations that look very festive. When planning a country wedding it is best to limit festive decorations to only the gift table and the entrance to the room. Including streamers in your decorations will give your guests something to drape over their shoulders when they dance. If you use balloons in your decor be aware that they will be volleyed back and forth by your wedding guests.

When throwing an indoor wedding reception you should be sure to take the flowers that served as decorations during the ceremony and move them into the reception room before the reception starts. Those flowers should then be placed on the table the wedding party will be sitting at during the reception. You can also take any ribbons you used as decorations for the ceremony and let the guests do what they wish with them

For a beautiful centerpiece to put on the tables the guests sit at for the reception, use potpourri. This will add color and delicious scents to your decor. To create a very romantic setting, put a candle in the middle of each table and surround each candle with flowers.

How To Decorate The Food Table

To properly decorate the food table at a country style wedding, you should choose a fabric for the tablecloth that is the same as the wedding colors. For a country wedding, use colors like rust red, autumn orange or straw yellow. A flowery cotton or chintz tablecloth would be the best choice. Your silverware and napkins should be put in a basket on the table and the napkins should be rolled.

Another idea is to tie a ribbon around each rolled up napkin and insert three flower stems under the ribbon. Just like the tables the guests sit at, the food table should also have a centerpiece. One suggestion is to use canning jars and stone pitchers as your centerpiece, as long as the pitchers are different sizes. Another suggestion is to put either a rustic lantern or a pillar candle in a basket and surround it with flowers.

Using Food As A Decoration

For a unique decorating idea, consider putting a basket of fruits and vegetables that are in season by the entrance to the reception room or on the food table itself. If the wedding will be taking place in the fall or spring, pumpkins, winter squash, corn stalks and bunches of wheat can also be used as decorations. If you are planning a September wedding you could always fill baskets with shiny red apples. This is an even better idea if one of the dishes at the reception uses apples as an ingredient.

Other foods that can be used as decorations include zucchini, decorative popcorn, pomegranates and lemons.

Garden Country Weddings

A garden country wedding is a more formal type of country wedding that calls for different decorations. The colors mostly used in this type of wedding are blue and pink pastel. The decorations used should be very simple so they do not overshadow the garden itself, which is the most beautiful part of this type of wedding.

Country wedding decorations are very unique and special. They will make your special day the most beautiful day of your life.