Wedding Supplies for the Bride on a Budget

Every bride wants her day to be special, and that day is made special with wedding supplies. Wedding Supplies for the Bride on a Budget, most brides will spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to make her day the best, but what about those brides that are on a budget? Even those brides deserve to have the special day of their dreams, and with a few helpful tips (and some helpful family members), they can make it happen.

Discounted Wedding

Every bride knows that everything about a wedding can run with a pretty hefty price tag. From renting the table settings to the venue to the very chairs that the guests will sit on during the ceremony or at the reception, prices can run very high. However, there are many ways to get items at a discount.

The savvy shopper can get anything from wedding invitations to centerpieces at an amazing discount if she shops clearance areas at Target, Walmart, and other major stores. She can also order invitations through Oriental Trading Company to fill in herself, and they even have very cute “Save the Date” magnets that can be sent out to family members. Another great place for wedding invitations is Party City, which has a greater selection than Oriental Trading.

Both Party City and Oriental Trading Company offer discounted supplies for centerpieces, reception decorations, and ceremony decorations. Both places even offer personalization so the bride and groom’s names or initials can be included on wedding favors, invitations, napkins, and so much more. Unfortunately, Oriental Trading Company doesn’t appear to offer tableware, and the tableware offered by Party City is only plastic and paper. However, for the bride who would much rather spend the extra cash on her dress instead of plates and forks, Party City is the perfect place to get inexpensive tableware.

Do-it-Yourself Wedding

Another great way to save money on wedding supplies is to create the items personally. Perhaps the bride absolutely loves the flowers that her grandparents grow. Family members can pull together to create table centerpieces that incorporate those flowers grown by her grandparents. If the bride and groom need to save even more cash, they can host the wedding at the grandparents’ place–provided there’s enough space for all the guests.

Invitations, thank you cards, and “Save the Date” cards can be printed at home, and the purchase of a program that includes clip art can allow the bride to add that personal touch to her wedding stationary. Even wedding favors can be created at home with simple materials and minimal out-of-pocket costs. Tableware can easily be that antique china collection Grandma has had since she was fifteen. For the bride born into a family of women that sew, she can save even more money by purchasing a less expensive dress and asking family to customize it for her.

Even the wedding cake can be a do-it-yourself project. Family members can bake a cake, or the bride can be creative and do cupcakes, cake pops, or any other baked good. If the bride wants to have the traditional cake look, a tiered cupcake holder or cake pop holder can be designed to look like a wedding cake. She can even have a small wedding cake on top of the tier for the cutting of the cake.

Inexpensive Wedding Rentals

Another great way to save money is to host the wedding at a private home–parents of the bride, parents of the groom, grandparents house, or any other family member. However, hosting the wedding at a free venue doesn’t mean there won’t be some cost.

Most paid venues have tables and chairs that can be used as part of the purchased venue package, but a private home might not have the tables and chairs a wedding will need. Tables and chairs can easily be rented from inexpensive rental places, and although they will be plastic or wood, they can easily be decorated to match the bride’s dream vision.

Most wedding rental agents even offer the ability to rent tableware, dance floor, and much more. A savvy shopper can save a lot by getting multiple quotes and haggling with rental agents. Some places may even offer special pricing depending on the number of items needed for the event.

A bride’s special day doesn’t have to be ruined by extensive costs of wedding supplies. She can easily achieve the wedding she’s always dreamed of and keep more money in her pocket. So many brides are fooled into thinking tons of money needs to be spent on that one day, but she can save that money and put it to good use–like more money to spend on the honeymoon. There’s no reason that a bride should have to go without something on her special day because of costs, but there’s no reason she needs to pay a small fortune for it either.